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Exhibitor Registration

非常感谢您对Coex Food Week有兴趣。
为参加Coex Food Week,请付完参展费并完成以下的循序。

Participation Guidelines 参展指南

Step 1 – Submit Exhibitor Application Form 提交参展申请书

Download and complete the Exhibitor Application Form & Contract and submit it to the Coex Food Week Secretariat Office via fax (+82-2-6944-8303) or email (foodweek.info@coex.co.kr)

Please note:

1. Exhibitors are registered on a first-come-first-serve basis. Application deadlines are subject to change in the case that demand for exhibit space exceeds space available.

2. All foreign companies are required to pay VAT (10%) according to the Korean Value-Added Tax Act Law – Article 25. Please see below for Zero Tax Rate applied Country Lists.

Article 25 (Principle of Reciprocity in Application of Zero Tax Rate)

(1) In applying Articles 21 through 24, if an entrepreneur is a nonresident or a foreign corporation, the zero tax rate shall only apply where the relevant country grants the identical tax exemption to residents in the Republic of Korea (referring to those defined in Article 1-2 (1) 1 of the Income Tax Act; hereinafter the same shall apply) or to domestic corporations (referring to those defined in subparagraph 1 of Article 1 of the Corporate Tax Act).【reciprocity in application of zero tax rate】
1. Greece
2. Republic of South Africa
3. Netherlands
4. Norway
5. New Zealand
6. Denmark
7. Lebanon
8. Liberia
9. Malaysia
10. The United States of America
11. Bolivian Republic of Venezuela
12. Belgium
13. Saudi Arabia
14. Germany
15. Sweden
16. Switzerland
17. Singapore
18. United Kingdom
19. Iran
20. Italy
21. India
22. Indonesia
23. Japan
24. Taiwan
25. Chile
26. Canada
27. Thailand
28. Panama
29. Pakistan
30. Finland
31. Australia
32. Hong Kong
33. France

Step 2 – Make a Payment 支付参展费

提交参展申请表 – 支付50%的定金 – 必须汇到以下Coex账户。

Account Number

Account Holder
140-000-113217 Shinhan Bank, World Trade Center Branch COEX SHBKKRSE

Important Dates 重要日期

早期申请期限 : May 31st 2019
一般申请期限 : August 23rd 2019
付款期限 : October 18th 2019
布展 : November 20th 2019

Exhibitor Inquiries 参展商咨询

详细信息,请向Coex Food Week 事务局咨询:

Coex Food Week 事务局
电话 : +82-2-6000-8160
传真 : +82-2-6944-8303
邮箱 : foodweek.info@coex.co.kr

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